Home IS where the Heart is

The saying Home is where the Heart is has always been one of those sayings that I find kinda cliche.  Sure I get it. Be happy where you are. Make a life where ever you live…blah blah blah……

It’s no secret when we moved to Denver three years ago I hated it.  I did not want to go.  I cried nearly every day that first year.  Leaving my friends and more importantly my family was almost more than I could take. Flash forward two years and BAM….LOVING Denver.  But, a piece of my heart was still in Oklahoma.

In January of 2017 my husband lost his high paying job. YIKES, this was something that had never happened to us.  In fact he had been poached from nearly every job he has had.  We thought he would have no problem finding a new one….NO BIG DEAL.  Turns out, it became a HUGE deal.

As weeks turned to months our little family marched on.  My husband applied for over 150 jobs in his field in the Denver area.  I think he went on 5 interviews.  We wanted to stay.  We loved everything about where we lived.  Our new Neighborhood, Leyden Rock was now our home.  Our friends were are family.  My kids would be gone all day at a friends and the next they would be at my house.  We were having fun and loving life.

There was still a nagging in my heart.  You see, at the same B had lost his job, his Grandma had passed away.  As we were driving across Kansas coming back for her service, I got a frantic call from my mom.  My Dad had been rushed from our small town hospital to OU Health…..He had cancer and needed surgery immediately.  On a fluke, I would be in Tulsa only 90 minutes away.  The good news is my Dad is beating cancer!!!

It’s a funny or maybe not so funny thing, you wake up one day and realize you are in your 40s and your parents are reaching their golden years.  Suddenly I am like…What happened? I feel like I should be 20 still.  Not only had I started to notice a decline in my parents, but Bs dad who has been battling cancer and other health issues for several years seemed to be declining a rapid speed.

It was mid to late summer when I mentioned to B maybe he should start looking back in Tulsa for a job.  Well, this did not go over well at all…..AT ALL!!!!  So we kept moving forward.  Our boys changed schools and loved it.  My oldest was immersed in soccer and his friends and we were still getting by on our savings….. But that nagging voice in my head, the one that keeps telling you something has to change was growing louder.  I knew Bs parents needed us, it was becoming more and more evident.  I also new B was not going to entertain a move back to Tulsa at all.

I was surprised to find out how much I was had been enjoying B being home every day.  The first few months were fun.  The summer was spent with me doing what I wanted because I never had to worry about child care…B was home.  But now, B was depressed and him being home was getting old.  I had felt like we had been moving forward all along but now it felt like we were at a complete standstill.  Going no where slow or fast. Tensions was running high.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, as I drove home from an errand, the nagging in my heart was more than  I could take.  It was time to say something again.  It was time to make a change and move forward.  With the deepest breath ever I looked at B and said ” We have to go back to Tulsa.”  I laid out my reasons and was continuing to plead my case before I even realized he had agreed.  We would move back, help his parents and figure the job thing out.  We would be moving forward and moving.

We bought and sold our houses in less than two weeks, packed our lives up and moved  back to Tulsa 4 days before Christmas.  B had already had two interviews by this time.  You see, when word got out he was coming back, his phone started ringing. And today less than a month since we said goodbye to CO, he has two job offers on the table to choose from.

We have never been more sure of our decision. And while we miss CO and our friends dearly, Home truly is where the heart is.

Hugs and Bubbles,


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