What’s in your cart……..

I love being a SAHM( stay at home mom) and not just because I love being here for my kids 24/7 but also because I don’t like to work.  This comes as a surprise to NO ONE. I am not involved in my kids school although now that Carson is starting I plan to be more so.  Shouldn’t be too hard given the baseline of not at all to start with.  I am not a fantastic house keeper ( thank goodness for Brent) and I don’t enjoy the mundane aspects that go with staying home.  Especially grocery shopping!


Last Winter one of our local grocery stores started online shopping and pick up.  Even though had to drive further, it was well worth it.  Now with my Amazon Prime membership I can get groceries or anything, which is everything, Amazon sells delivered within 2 hours. The best part…..It’s FREE…… That’s right, it’s the busy moms dream come true.  I think I cried tears of joy when it was made available in my area.


Now before you go thinking OMG what a spoiled brat, let me tell you, online grocery shopping has trimmed our grocery bill down. No more going to the store starving and buying fresh hot bread to eat the car.  Gone are the days of dragging two boys along begging for things like cereal you know they will never eat.  Being run down by the elderly on rascals gone! Standing in line behind someone who still writes a check….adios!!


Sadly in all this glory there is still one place I must go.  A place so glorious yet evil in the same token.  A place that will truly steal your sole that you are a willing giver of. That place my friends………COSTCO


It has come to my attention ( because someone always points it out) that I might possibly be in the minority of the shoppers shopping the big C.  You see when I go to Costco which is every couple of months or so, I  GO TO COSTCO.  I mean I fill my cart .  I stack items everywhere.  I push my overload cart all over the store stacking the very last item precariously on top.  I look around and see people pushing their giant cart with two loaves of bread and a pineapple in it. WHAT?!


It never fails as I unload my cart, the checker always comments something like ” You must have a lot of kids” or “Looks like someone had fun today”. I even had a guy tell me I was a prime target for purse theft because I would be loading my car for a while. Seriously!!!!!  I always tell the checker, the truth is as much as I love Costco and I do, I hate going there. It’s a pain in my ass and takes up way too much of my time. And holy hell if I have my boys in tow…….By the time its all said and done, they have reluctantly boxed and stacked my items in ONE CART, because obviously I can’t push two no matter how many times they ask me if I want to carts, I had to the door……….where I am stopped and asked “Did you have 9 packages of Organic Ground Beef”……..Are you serious?  Do I look like I know how much of anything I have in this cart!!


For the record….I will always and willingly go to Target and NEVER complain!

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